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The report on the Styrian social business sector has arrived!

Is Styria a consistently livable place, a proverbial island of the blessed? Or do we rather face numerous challenges that need to be tackled in the best possible way?

Answering these basic questions leads us to recognise which social challenges everyone of us is particularly concerned about. At the same time it is our individual choice if we keep being part of our societal challenges or if we start to become part of the solution

And then there are thoseamong us, who give prime importance of their lives to make the world a better place by making use of their entrepreneurial talent. At the Social Business Club Styria we call these individuals social entrepreneurs, thus naming those people who want to foster positive social development by realizing the means of social business.

Even if everyone knows several companies that are compelling because of their sustainably designed products, no one has yet taken initiative to survey the socially innovative companies in Styria and their social impact. The aim of this report is to support this goal as good as possible and thus provide new insights into this forwardlooking economic sector. In this sense, I can guarantee a positive reading experience and hope you enjoy this new kind of roundtrip to our lovely state of Styria.

Who are we?

The Social Business Club Styria, also known as the „safe port for impact-oriented entrepreneurship“, sees itself as a regional competence center and central hub for social business and social entrepreneurship in Styria.

Our organization is aimed at all entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial mindset who want to achieve social impact with their economic actions. We offer know-how and inspiration, promote discourse and networking and provide practical support for interested companies and stakeholders.

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