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Founders & board

Rudi Wetzl-Piewald before taking over SBCS management, worked as a energetic social entrepreneur for eight years and, with Compuritas GmbH , built up one of the most excellent social startups in Central Europe. Rüdiger has extensive practical experience and is currently a board member of the national interest group, called SENA
(Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria).
IMG_6114_portrait Johannes Frühmann is an active entrepreneur and has many years of experience in the development of entrepreneurial projects with added social value. In addition to his own projects, he supports customers in the areas of vision, strategy, business model and social entrepreneurship. In addition, lecturer at the University of Graz for social entrepreneurship.
Michael Kvas is a potential and perspective developer. Also an executive at the bit Group, Austria's largest private educational institute. His passion includes social innovations, the topics of social entre- and intrapreneurship, projects for education, employment and health, alternative results-oriented forms of financing social services and civic engagement by young people.
Other founding members (currently not active)
ingostefan Ingo Stefan is an independent organization developer, project coach and team trainer. He deals with complex development processes in organizations and places particular value on the intensive participation of the groups of people involved in the individual process steps. This enables sustainable development and optimally uses the existing resources of the organization.
Jonas Jonas Meyer is a doctoral student and perspective opener. At the University of Graz he does research at the RCE Graz-Styria about rural regions and their attractiveness for highly qualified people. In addition, he supports young people at to get clarity about their educational projects and their funding.
CP_green Corinna Pummer is the founder and manager of the NGO Aufwind. In 2008, she launched the Aufwind educational project in Peru, which enables over 200 Peruvian children to take regular English classes. With her dissertation, she researches and works in the field of empowerment for disadvantaged people and considered an expert in mutual educational processes in an intercultural context.
wolfgang Wolfgang Bergthaler is a blogger, consultant and entrepreneur. He has been working with / in India since 2004. On his blog, he writes, among other things, about the social business scene in India.
bild 2 Martina Hölzl is a research assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Systems Science, Innovation and Sustainability Research (ISIS) at the University of Graz. As a doctoral student, she conducts research on sustainable entrepreneurship and deals with the development of social and ecological orientation in startups.
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