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Our mission

The Social Business Club Styria wants to promote socially-oriented entrepreneurship in Styria - with inspiration, discourse and active networking.

Herz_grünThe Social Business Club Styria is aimed at all entrepreneurs and people with entrepreneurial mindset who want to achieve social goals with their economic actions. Here we offer inspiration, promote discourse and the active networking of the community.

The trend is: Social Entrepreneurship. Developing solutions for social and ecological problems with entrepreneurial approaches. Many people recognize in the movement a strong response to the current economic, social and meaningful crises. The effect and substance of these trend concepts are also critically discussed for the development and maintenance of quality standards. In this context, we see the Social Business Club as a controversial forum for “undisguised” world improvers. Our clear goal: to support people in the implementation of their ideas and to set impulses for Styria.

In the course of an extensive functional expansion, we updated our mission statement in spring 2018 and defined the following points as the future form of our activities:

  • In terms of both content and networking, the SBCS builds a reputation for its stakeholders as a central hub for social entrepreneurship In the medium term, the aim is to extend the area of activity to the region of Southern Austria (+ Carinthia + Southern Burgenland).

  • With its activities, the SBSC prepares the quantitative growth of social businesses, in its sphere of activity, both in terms of number, size and impact of the companies.

  • The SBSC plays an active role in the development of social ventures from the idea to the growth phase. Quantitative and qualitative development takes place, among other things, through specifically offered services in the form of qualified advice, networking and further training as well as through the conduct of a public discourse on the topic of social business.

  • One of the primary goals is to impart and anchor social entrepreneurship as a sustainable solution for our society. To this end, overqualified networking and event activities as well as ongoing public relations create a positive environment for this sector.

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